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We here at Metasystem believe that we don’t exist separately.  We believe in the value of each part of ourselves, our lives and our organizations.  Perhaps more importantly, we believe in the power of the integration of all of the parts.

The Metasystem approach integrates methods drawn from numerous disciplines, including the fields of leadership, management development, neuroscience, organizational and social psychology, executive and team coaching, high-performance training, and stress management. Throughout our work, we maintain a strong focus both on human resilience and performance and on the achievement of meaningful business results.

25+ years

that's how long we have built our experience and knowhow by working, evolving and growing with our clients around the globe.

We have done immense research in how we learn, collaborate, evolve, lead and impact others. And we have found that true and sustainable development and growth comes back to one component time and time again:  integration - the essential synergy that make us successful humans, strong teams and healthy societies & organizations.

Summarized in three key concepts:



we do



How do you lead your team, your organization and yourself? 

Are you an influential leader?


Skills, know-how and actions are only as powerful and as effective as the awareness and intention behind them. 

Are you a powerful action taker?


Are you aware of transformative self-regulation and contemplative sciences for business leaders?

Are you fully awake to who you are?