f r a g m e n t s   is  one of the exercises we use in problem solving, conflict- management or innovation workshops.

In a mastermind-style atmosphere, participants identify a problem or challenge by spotlighting it's core fragment.  Much like the concept of a Haiku, the techniques brings awareness to removing "clutter" and habitual responses,  judgments, blame, assumptions or even emotions until the true essence of the problem or issue is recognized.


In clarity lies the seed of fresh answers and new perspectives.


Depending on the workshop or goal,  f r a g m e n t s  is often paired with the mindset of unconditional "emptiness" - a concept from contemplative sciences to train a powerful and self-regulated mindset. The result is powerful, often surprising and always eye-opening.


f r a g m e n t s  is one of hundreds of original exercises, concepts, brain workouts and rule breakers in our ever-evolving arsenal of techniques to keep our programs relevant and stimulating.