strategy focus

To successfully transition into VP positions, managers must take a quantum leap in their approach to how they think, “feel”, relate, act and perform their new role as enterprise leaders.

It means leaving behind the safety of being a specialist or identify with a peer group, and embrace the “volatile” role of a lead generalist.

It means being able to speak the language of all functions, ask the right questions, lead high-performing experts who know more than you do, and understand the most effective ways of evaluating the long-term consequences your actions and decisions will have on the organization.

it’s complicated

To avoid a “Jack of all trades” approach to training transitioning, we customizing the contents following an expanded analysis & assessment phase.



    strategy benefits

  • make the shift from leading a function to leading an enterprise
  • work with “report-filters” and high-performers (embracing the master-mind principle)
  • develop the mindset from tactician to strategist - from problem solver to agenda setter
  • take center stage and develop the reflex to
    self-analyze mindset, attitude, blind-spots and strengths
  • cultivate the three core skills necessary for
    successful transitioning from manager to leader: level-shifting, pattern recognition and mental stimulation