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"Systemic" Team Coaching is an integrated approach of coaching each team as a "whole".  It is not the same as individual coaching of each executive team member in a group setting.  

 A "systemic" team coaching approach is centered on the team as a cohesive system whose performance and results totally depend on the interactive operational responsibility of all of its members functioning as an executive unit. 


“Systemic" team coaching

  • supports your organization to prepare and follow up with your major transitions, change of senior executives, mergers, acquisitions, and other organizational transformations.
  • is a practical action-oriented learning process centered on developing your organization's operational results.
  • develops organization culture that favors innovation, initiative, responsibility and accountability.
  • creates awareness and collective sense for quality and ethics.
  • leverages team strengths and reveals learning and growth opportunities enabling a more productive team dynamic.


team coaching through...

  • using a series of interactions; either off-site,
    at the office, webcasts or teleconferences.
  • shifting everyday meetings from ‘have to’ inefficiencies to the catalyst and power of
    your organization, modeling leadership and team behavior focused on success
  • developing a culture focused on results through integration of high performance and powerful action, mindful and authentic interfaces between divisions, departments, teams and people.
  • creating consensual leadership throughout
    the organization.

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