strategy focus

TAP TALK with tap master Aaron Tolson merges self-expression, dialogue and communication training in one action-packed workshop.

Using tap dance as a tool for training behavioral awareness in dialogue situations, participants test new nuances of talking, listening and responding.

Undercurrents of common emotions we tend to carry into our communication with others such as stress, impatience, lack of self-confidence, aggression, discontent etc., are recognized, released and transformed in this powerful workshop.

TAP TALK is a ton of fun and a deeply memorable communication training experience guaranteed to keep your teams buzzed and energized for a long time to come.




  strategy benefits

  • learn the basic moves of tap - and discover
    new techniques of leading a successful dialogue or negotiation
  • use tap to release stress, anxiety and "argument gridlock" - and increase self-confidence, courage, empathy and ease
    of self-expression
  • increase your observation and listening
    powers in challenging dialogue situations
  • explore out-of-the-box thinking and develop
    your improvisational faculties through tap
  • celebrate your own and your team's
    creativity and success