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strategy focus

The approach opens up an unparalleled platform for participants to activate higher levels of creative thinking, accelerate solutions finding processes and break past old paradigms of unproductive ideation strategies or traditional think tanks.

As we push the envelope of innovation thinking, "sensing" and prototyping, we also address the natural emotional resistance to change and uncertainty (the prerequisite for innovating and driving sustainable change).

Be ready to engage your body, mind, heart and playful self as you tap into your explorative nature, strengthen your self-observation muscle, stretch past your comfort zone, prototype new concepts – and apply them to your real world business challenges. 



 strategy benefits

  • master the 4 steps to ACT -  Accelerated Critical Thinking

  • raise your confidence, talent and mindset
    as an innovation leader and thinker

  • train yourself to think beyond your experience

  • build your stamina as an improviser and conscious risk taker

  • deploy innovation thinking as a catalyst to energize and enable higher levels of engagement

  • recognize collaboration and communication habits that promote (or hinder) a risk-friendly, forward-thinking culture.



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strategy focus

CHANGE COACHING is designed for managers, leaders and long-standing executives or senior partners who face a new challenge.

These challenges maybe brought about by a merger, a shifting dynamics caused by generational or cultural changes, personal life changes, or political or social complexities within the corporation.

    strategy benefits

  • transition into and adapt faster to the new situation
  • re-define your role, purpose and personal goals in the new context
  • access your innovation mindset
  • remaster your strategies, decisions, leadership style and and communication practices