the globalist


strategy focus

International know-how and culturally astute business practices are a fundamental requirement for good business today. THE GLOBALIST provides customized training to prepare internationally active business professional and teams
for travel, negotiations, virtual and face-to-face communication, collaboration and meetings or collaboration with foreign colleagues or HQ abroad.

The strategy provides a unique perspective on global competence awareness and behavioral practices in the international context.  It equips the business professional with crucial know-how and an expanded perspective on business in the target country. 

THE GLOBALIST is customized to your specific situation, your target group and goal. The training will be culture- and country specific.


   strategy benefits

  • prep your specific project or performance abroad
  • understand and utilize crucial cultural practices to help you optimize your mission abroad or with your foreign counterpart at home
  • build self-awareness and performance confidence on foreign territory
  • develop specific communication tools adapted to your task such and in the context of your target country such as negotiations, presentations, team leadership, social behaviors etc.