the feature film project

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strategy focus

The Feature Film workshop is team building at it’s most fun and powerful.

The team will write, story-board, direct, produce, film and act in their own feature film.

The workshop may be booked as a one-day or two day action-packed project for your team to test their boundaries of collaboration, accountability and creativity.

The combination of co-creative vision, performance, strategic thinking, logistics and unconditional engagement, make this hands-on workshop a profoundly memorable and valuable experience.

The film’s subject matter and genre (comedy, mystery, drama, sci-fi etc.) will be decided by the team. The only condition: the subject must be job-
or company related and all participants are strongly encouraged to perform.

The team will also make editing decisions (theme music, look, credit roll etc.) The actual edit will be done after the workshop by our own in-house editor.

The final Oscar winner will be delivered within two weeks of the workshop. All rights belong to the client.




    strategy benefits

  • lead project ideation and management
  • spotlight practices of collaboration, communication and trust within the team
  • increase awareness of accountability, creative inter-dependencies and trust building
  • explore out-of-the-box thinking and develop
    your creative faculties
  • build self-confidence and courage during on-camera performance
  • develop strategies when dealing with unfamiliar opportunities
  • celebrate creativity, courage and success



film festival

Depending on the number of participants, this
may also take on the form of a competition where two or more teams produce their own feature film and present it at the (your company name) film festival.

Each workshop day produces a 10 to 15 minute film. The program may also be booked as a 2 or 3-day team-building experience.