the woman leader


strategy focus

The Female Leader is designed for self-directed leading women who want to increase their impact in the workplace and develop their performance confidence and executive presence.

In this provocative, results-driven workshop you will explore how to re-think, “re-feel”, and re-act your way toward fuller and more rewarding achievements.

You will gain a deeper understanding of how mental shifts and empowering attitudes and behaviors impact your career, your life, your economic standing and your relationships.

The workshop provides a vibrant environment for sharing and discovering your “larger self” with the help and support of your coaches and peers. The goal: face the challenge, face the music, take charge, have fun and upgrade your game.



    strategy benefits

  • connect with your authenticity, autonomy and authority in the face of corporate and social realities

  • master the yin-power of nurture, magnetism
    and ease and the yang-power of non-predatory assertiveness and command

  • upgrade your approach to energetic and emotional agility; that aspect of masterful leadership that is always present but difficult to access or learn about in conventional leadership development

  • re-evaluate your approach to set and understand boundaries – yours and those of others

  • discover ways to break past old limitations, habits and self-doubt and to boldly claim your place on the top


executive presence

strategy focus

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE for the woman leader is a customized, high-intensive coaching program that targets the client's effectiveness, well-being and the impact she has on others as a colleague, leader and influencer.

Due to the highly personalized nature of this focus-oriented coaching, clients can book ongoing sessions or intensive full-day coaching and training days.

Focus may include stage presence, speaker’s impact, assertiveness, motivational acumen, transfer of vision, dealing with hard decisions or conflict, gender issues or the preparation of a negotiation or conference.


    strategy results

  • elevate personal presence and impact
  • build self-awareness and self regulation
    during demanding projects or challenging
  • address the individual desire for growth,
    performance confidence or style development
  • leverage personal life such as family or
    children with career moves and decisions