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Today’s competitive business environment requires exquisite speaking skills.

No matter whether you address a large audience, lead a sales meeting or connect with colleagues or clients - you want to bring your message across with dimension, invention, emotional depth and ease.

During this dynamic workshop you will broaden your behavioral performance awareness, boost your speakers-confidence and acquire practical tools & techniques to organize facts and ideas into compelling narrative.

You will also elevate existing skills such as rhetorical style, vocal power, persuasive clarity, positive body language - and eliminate stress triggers, unconscious habits, dry delivery and stage fright.



    strategy benefits

  • develop voice, articulation, stage presence
    and body language to increase magnetism
    & confidence
  • master your story-telling tools: story arch,
    ice beakers, anchor and take action motivator
  • eliminate habitual patterns (mannerisms, filler
    words, fear triggers, reactionary responses)
  • bring out your improvisational talent and
    fearlessly creative nature
  • develop the heart openers in conversation
    with your audience

your voice

available as 1 or 2-day workshop


strategy focus

Outstanding leaders and communicators are outstanding speakers. They bring dimension, invention, emotional depth, mindfulness and a great deal of self-awareness to the conversation.

They boldly share their thoughts and, without apologies, ask for what they want. They command, lead, inspire. They speak at their peak and we pay attention.

The training goes right into the heart of what remarkable communication is all about: YOU, and the way you think, feel, act and project yourself on stage, in a meeting, or in that crucial one-on-one conversation.

    strategy benefits

  • raise your impact through vivid
    language and confidence of expression
  • clear knee-jerk reactions, stress triggers,
    unconscious bias and psychological curve balls
  • learn how to transform contentious, annoying,
    stale or obstructive relationships
  • master the art of non-predatory assertiveness
  • bring out your improvisational talent and fearlessly creative nature
  • reach your goals faster and more effectively by changing the resonance and quality of your inner and outer voice


individual coaching
hourly or full day sessions



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strategy focus

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE is a customized, high-intensive coaching program that targets the client's effectiveness, well-being and the impact he or she has on others as a speaker, leader and influencer.

Due to the highly personalized nature of this focus-oriented coaching, clients can book ongoing sessions or intensive day-long retreats.

Focus may include stage presence, speaker’s impact, motivational acumen, transfer of vision, dealing with hard decisions or conflict, and the preparation of a negotiation, a crucial meeting
or conference etc.



    strategy results

  • elevate personal presence and impact
  • elevate signature personality and
    performance traits
  • build self-awareness and self regulation
    during demanding projects or challenges
  • develop first-class speaker acumen
  • address the individual desire for growth,
    performance confidence or personality

    Executive coaching is highly personalized
    and always confidential