strategy focus


Maximize performance through focused and personalized training, goal setting and guidance. As your partner, your coach offers honest, constructive and non-judgmental feedback providing motivation and support. Develop new response patterns and break through the issues that hold you back.

Your coach will help you identify unproductive patterns and responses in yourself and your team, and to develop a strategy for addressing them. By learning to recognize the real issues in a given situation, you and your team can move beyond them, maximizing productivity and creating breakthrough results.


  strategy benefits


  • New Clarity, Impact and Insight into Transformational & Thought Leadership
  • Accelerated Personal Development
    and Increase of Executive Presence
  • Breakthrough Results and Tactical
  • New Personal Direction, Heightened
    Self-Regulation and Advancement

success stories

Leadership Development: with our coaching, the CFO of an international marketing conglomerate was able to:

  • Align her geographically dispersed team,
  • Design and implement standard processes, creating a template to bring in new companies into her firm
  • Bring her team together to co-create the standard systems
  • Position herself as a strategist on the executive team
  • Reduce the up-to-speed cycle of newly acquired companies into her system by 50%.

Breakthrough Results: we helped an account executive at a fast-growing financial firm to:

  • Increase profits 300% in two months, improve closure rates by 175%
  • Gain a promotion to vice president charged with launching the new internet division as a direct result of the continued performance improvement.



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